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Security Consultancy

Value for Money Assessments 

The Security industry has many pitfalls and challenges. Our SME’s use our extensive experience to help you to avoid the traps, spot the opportunities and extract the best value from your investments.

Security Consultancy

Independent Product and Services selection

Security is a big investment, so we help you choose wisely. We always look for ways to save you money and ensure your compliance. We do not recommend specific products and we receive no payment from manufacturers or suppliers, so you can be assured we provide the best independent advice for you and your business.

Security Consultancy

Threat and Risk Assessments (TARA)

Our TARA team provide industry leading risk and threat Assessments for our distinguished clients, including UK Government departments, to ensure their key assets are adequately protected. We provide TARA's, Operational Requirements and Security surveys, utilising our own in house developed tools (STRATA™­­) which uses a holistic approach spanning all security disciplines and including industry best practice, CPNI guidance and inputs from agencies to build accessible and meaningful assessments

Security Consultancy

Driving your Contracts for Performance and Value

Our consultants are seasoned operational Security professionals and we provide our experience to drive the performance and value you need from your Security Investments.

Security Consultancy

Business Intelligence

We provide a no-nonsense approach for all our clients, delivering usable Management Information, not data. We support all decision making with evidence and our experience so you can have full confidence in our solutions.

Security Consultancy

We Design and we Innovate

We always look for ways to improve your performance, ensure compliance and save you money. Technology moves fast, so do we. We are fully independent and agile, scouring the market to bring you the benefits of the latest technology. Our systems designers provide Security system designs that work for you, help mitigate your specific risks and meet all current standards.

Security Consultancy

Cost Evaluation 

Our SME’s provide cost and compliance audits of your F&S providers' designs solutions and systems designs. We ensure you have the 'right' solution for you, we save on average 20% from your cost price and much more from ongoing maintenance costs.

Security Consultancy

Business case Support/Writing

We always take a joined up, holistic view of the security industry and our approach is to ensure you get the best and most cost-effective Security advice across electronic, physical and manned products and services.

Security Consultancy

We deliver for you 

Enough said… Please don’t take our word for it, ask our partners! We will be pleased to provide links to clients happy to provide reference once you have made contact. Business case studies also available upon request. 

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